Main Arena

GSGRA-BAC - 25 Years  
Best Buck in the Bay  
Located at Duncans Mills

GSGRA-BAC strives to be an active part of the LGBT community by hosting of fund-raising events to benefit local charities and to educate others on the Country-Western Lifestyle through Rodeo, Dance Events, and Royalty. Membership is not restricted and all who are interested are welcome to join.

iGRA Finals

IGRA World Gay Rodeo Finals

Rodeo Contestants compete in IGRA-sanctioned rodeos all over the U.S. & Canada and are eligible to qualify for a spot at the World Gay Rodeo Finals.

World Gay Rodeo Finals
October 20-22, 2017
Albuquerque, NM


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Officials List for 2017

Auditor                                   - David Hill
Secretary                                - Porkchop
Scorekeeper                           - John Hill
Asst Scorekeeper/Secretary - Sam Polk
Arena                                      - James Jenkins
Asst Arena                              - Scotty Shadix
Chutes                                     - Dennis Reinhardt
Asst Chute                              - Stephen Bell
Judge                                       - Terry Covington
Judge                                       - Micheal Lentz
Judge                                       - Amy Griffin
Announcer                              - Doug Graff
Announcer                              - Just John
Arena Crew                             - Kami B
Asst Arena Crew                    - Megan