Buckles Program

Your buckle sponsorship entitles you to the follow package:
• Two weekend passes to the Rodeo and evening parties
• Your name/business on an arena banner
• Sponsorship announcements throughout the rodeo performances
• Your name/business on the ‘Best Buck in the Bay’ website
• You will also get a receipt for your tax deduction

Buckles Sponsorship Information
All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl Award Buckles:              $350.00 each
Standard Competition Event Award Buckles:             $300.00 each
Special Award Buckles:                                                   $250.00 each

Buckle Availability


Event    -    [Cowboy/Cowgirl]
All-Around  - Available
All-Around Rookie (only 1)  - Available
 Bull Riding  - Available
Steer Riding  - Available
Chute Dogging  - Available
Calf Roping on Foot - Available
Mounted Breakaway Roping - Available
Barrel Racing - Available
Pole Bending- Available
Flag Racing- Available

Special Award Buckles

Erin Eaton Sportsmanship Award Available
Jabby Lowe All-Around Volunteer Available
All-Around Rodeo Volunteer  Available
Grand Marshal Available
Community Grand Marshal Available
Rodeo Director - Available

Team Event

Team Roping #1 - Available
Team Roping #2 - Available
Goat Dressing #1 - Available
Goat Dressing #2 - Available
Community Goat Dressing #1- Available
Community Goat Dressing #2 - Available
Steer Decorating #1- Available
Steer Decorating #2- Available
Wild Drag Racing #1 - Available
Wild Drag Racing #2 - Available
Wild Drag Racing #3 - Available