Contestant Information


Rodeo Contestant Registration   5-8:00 pm

Location: TBD


No variances for this years rodeo

 Shared Horses/Equipment

You must state at contestant registration whether or not you are providing your own rigging/horse. If you are not, the rider and owner must sign a shared rigging/horse form showing the owner of the rigging/horse to be shared so that secretarial can make any necessary

changes in the running order.

Day Money

"Day Money" Pay-out is according to the graph in your I.G.R.A. rodeo rule-book for 2018

Contestant Rules

The 2018 Best Buck in the Bay Rodeo and Festival is an IGRA sanctioned event and is subject to 2018 IGRA rodeo rules.

  • All rodeo events are open to both men and women and the following rules apply:

  • Contestants must be a member of an IGRA Association and of legal age (18).

  • ​Entry fee is $25.00 USD per person/per day/per event.

  • Contestants must enter a minimum of either one (1) event each day ortwo (2) events if only competing on one day.

 Registration Friday 9/15 6-9PM

  • Registration form must be accompanied by a non-refundable entry fee deposit of $50.00 to avoid late fees.

  • Contestants with an assigned IGRA number must mail a completed IGRA Event Entry form with a postmark date on or before August 25, 2018.

  • Complete an online registration form with a date/time stamp no later than September 1, 2018.

  • A $50.00 USD late charge will be assessed for late registration or for entering or adding rough stock or roping events at registration (per IGRA rules). The $50.00 USD late charge will remain with the host association (GSGRA-BAC).

 New Contestants 

(not having an IGRA 4-digit contestant number)

Congratulations on competing in the 2018 Best Buck in the Bay Rodeo & Festival!

 Rules a new Contestant must know:

 Contestants must be a member of an IGRA Association and of legal age (18).

  • New Contestants not having an IGRA contestant number do not need to pre-register, they may register and become a member of an IGRA Association Friday night at registration.

  • A GSGRA membership will be available at registration.

  • New Contestants can register at Friday night's registration (6PM - 9PM) at TBD

  • New contestants will receive an IGRA Rodeo Rulebook at registration. You can also download it from  and click on Rodeo Rulebook.

  • Contestants must be familiar with the rules pertaining to their events.

  • A minimum registration fee of $50.00 USD is required to compete in the rodeo. Each event is $25.00 USD per event per day. All entry fees paid during registration must be paid in cash, certified Check (no personal checks), or money order.

  • New contestants are exempt from all late registration fees.

  • New Contestants MUST attend the "New Contestant Meeting" on Saturday location - TBD

  • Failure to attend this meeting will result in disqualification. Please arrive on time...roll call will be conducted at this meeting.

All Contestants

  • All contestants are required to wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, western hat and western type boots that minimally cover the ankle and have a heel. Hats must be worn on the contestant's head when entering the arena. No rolled or pushed up sleeves will be allowed except on the riding arm and only during rough stock events. This dress code does not apply to any camp events; however closed toed shoes must be worn.

  • Each contestant will be issued a contestant number that must be worn on the contestant's back at all times during their specific events.

  • Only a contestant may scratch himself/herself from any or all events.

  • No alcohol may be consumed while competing or while wearing contestant number.

  • Contestants may not compete if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

 Horse Stabling

  • Bill Parmeter Fields require living quarter horse trailers must be parked in a designated camping site.

  • BBITB will provide at no charge (one) horse stall per contestant pre-registered in any horse event.

  • Registration can be made online with the IGRA Registration form.

  • Contestants may reserve additional stalls at a rate of $25 USD. The fee will not be refunded. For late registrants, stalls are not guaranteed, but may be available at a rate of $50 USD.

  • All stalls will be available on a first come first served basis, with a limited number available.

  • Horse contestants are the only ones allowed to camp on-site.

  • No shower facilites are provided and no dumping of gray water.

 Veterinarian / Farrier

Our on site Vet will be ...TBD

A list of Farriers will be provided in the contestant bags.

 Non-Smoking Rule

The 2018 BBITB is a non-smoking rodeo during the rodeo events in the arena and secured working areas. This includes in the Arena, behind the chutes, in the barn, and/or the outside stalls. Penalties will apply for non-compliance. A Zero tolerance level will be in effect.

 Buddy Passes

Buddy passes are only available for purchase at registration, Friday evening between 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Passes can be purchased by any contestant registered. The cost is $50.00.

 Awards Ceremony

7:00 PM (or two hours post rodeo)